hen was the last time you used LinkedIn? For people in creative industries like design, photography, film and art, a resume on LinkedIn is like a yoga instructor advertising on a teenage gaming website.

On LinkedIn, I always see posts from “my connections” hoping to drive business leads. Consultants, life coaches, realtors; does anyone want to read about the real estate market before they are looking to buy a new house? These articles are usually an annoyance rather than a benefit. Even worse, LinkedIn’s business model is dependent on selling everyone’s data and profile information to recruiters. I receive about three messages from friends for every sixty I get from recruiters. I personally think they should rename Messages to Recruitment Lounge.

But enough about LinkedIn, this is about Mightysmart, a website where creative professionals create dynamic profiles that showcase their creative talents.  If you’re savvy at marketing, you already know that there are tons of great places on the web to show your expertise like Instagram, Quora, Dribbble, YouTube, Facebook, Upwork, Stack Overflow, Fiverr, the list is endless. Mightysmart is the best way to connect all these places to you. When someone uses Google or Mightysmart and searches for your creative expertise-all these links across the web act as relevancy indicators for your profile.

We are launching our beta in March, but you can sign up now for free and secure a short, snappy username before we launch.

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