Choose a card below to build a visual expression of you.

Job Cards

Upwork, Fiverr, Toptal, Freelancer- there are numerous freelance marketplaces where you do business, the problem is that potential clients need a single place that has an entire snapshot of your experience. We solve this by letting users post work cards to display key stats like "Total Earned" across many marketplaces.

Showcase Cards

This is perfect for designers, artist and creative professionals. This card has a carousel to showcase your work, write a description of the project and include any website links.

Image Card

Just like it sounds, this is a card that has a single image, plus tags you can include for search optimization. An image card can be used to show a sample of your work, a profile image, anything you want. Every card has a fixed width of 350 px, but the height is variable based on the image aspect ratio.

Achievement Card

When you graduated from college, earned an award or company recognition, these are specific achievements in your life that are usually found on a resume.

Quote Card

Make a bold statement, draw a line in the sand, tell how you plan to put a dent in the universe. The Quote Card is a short tagline with the name of the author.

Quora Card

A great way to show your knowledge about a subject is to answer a question on the site Quora. It is also a helpful way to provide input to someone who is just starting out in your profession.

Outside Link

Provide a link to your Dribbble or Behance profile, your portfolio or a previous project.

You Tube Card

Post a video showing the process of creating a piece of art or designing a logo. The opportunies are endless.

Medium Card

For longer articles on a variety of subjects, this is one of our favorite blogging platforms.