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A Breathtaking Business Card
by Alex Dixon

You've already got a great logo for your company, but you're ready to make an impression with business cards that cut like a Ginzu knife though a beer can on the Shopping Channel. Our ninja designers are ready and willing to execute this plan.

Packaging that Makes Our Mouth Water
by Manual Creative

Fort Point is one of our favorite beers and their packaging design is just as tasty. The credit goes to Manual Creative- if you can afford them, hire them. Otherwise, launch a design job and find other amazing packaging designers.

Create a slide structured promotional video with simple animations
Tubik Studio

Opera asked Tubik- Develop a short animated clip that visually sums up our beginning of year goal, features delivered, and the overall achievements Opera for Computers achieved in 2016.

App Redesign for Doordash with a Clickable Prototype
by Richard Kuta

This project by Richard Kuta is a redesign of the Doordash Mobile App. He designed new layouts, menus, and icons for the rebranding.

Design a Killer Vehicle Wrap
by Josh Kultar

Driving in San Francisco, you see buses, trains, and vans all with perfectly wrapped graphics to market the newest startup in tech. Josh Kultar helped tech company Gentex catch attention at the 2018 SEMA autoshow with this killer wrap.

Design a Spectacular Mobile App
by Divan Raj

You have an idea for the next Instagram, or maybe plan to develop an app to support your existing customers. Using tools like Balsamiq, you should have a clickable demo of the app, so a designer knows all the work involved. The next step is finding a designer to implement your vision and provide the assets to move forward with development.