Step 1. Apply as a Designer

It is simple and free to apply as a designer on Mighty Smart. We are looking for designers in the following categories: Logo Design, Website Design, Mobile App Design, Illustration and Motion Design. Click here to apply.


Step 2. Add Quotes to Design Projects

If you are accepted after our professional review process to join Might Smart, you can add price quotes to our featured design projects.


Step 3. Get Design Requests

Once accepted as a Produck Approved designer, you will receive job requests via email. You can view the job listing and respond whether you are interested in the project.


Step 4. Provide a Quote

All design requests are created with a Mighty team member and require a $25 up front payment. This ensures the client is motivated to start a project and that the project requirements are clear to the designer. After you view the design request, you can message the client and provide a quote for the project.


Step 5. No Hidden Fees and
No Transaction Fees

Our pricing is very simple, if you are interested in a job listing, you will pay between 1 and 10 credits depending on the project budget. During our Beta Launch, if you are accepted as a Mighty designer, you get 10 free credits.
Please see our pricing page to review our fees.

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