Our Pricing

Freelance Job Listing

Your job listing will only be visible to Mightysmart Pro designers who have been reviewed and accepted based on their experience, quality and price.  We only provide candidates that have expressed interest in the job and whose skill level and pricing match your budget

$9.50 per week

2 week minimum
Each job listings is reviewed by our team, so it is concise, clearly written and is a fit for our pro designers.
The job is emailed to Pro Designers that match your budget and expertise.
We DO NOT charge any transaction fees on the project.
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Full time Job Listing

If you are looking for a full-time candidate, use Mightysmart to provide prequalified candidates that match skill and experience requirements, so you can focus on interviews with prequalified designers.

$25 per week

2 week minimum
We only send the job listing to pre-qualified candidates in our Mightsmart network that have an active Mightysmart Pro status for your selected skill set.
We manage the "first pass," providing a filter for determining whether a candidate has the skills for the position.
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