Become a Mightysmart Pro Designer

Ask your client, co-worker, manager or friend to endorse you on Mightysmart. Once you are endorsed, your application will be reviewed to become a Pro Endorsed Designer.

Step 1. Join Mightysmart

It is simple and free to join Mightysmart. Once you create an account, you can send or request an endorsement based on your design skills.

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Step 2. Add cards in your profile that show your design skills.

You can add cards that link to your portfolio, Instagram videos, Medium articles- any content that shows your expertise as a working designer.


Step 3. Become Professionally Endorsed

Our team is constantly reviewing endorsed designers to see whether they qualify to become Professionally Endorsed. The best way to get reviewed is to fill out your profile with cards that show your design expertise.

If you have received a professional design invitation from one of our professional reviewers, you can purchase a pro subscription below.

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